Together We Are Strong!

Welcome to Eastbrook Elementary School

"Together We Are Strong!" Eastbrook Elementary School is a Pre-K to 6 school of approximately 450 students located on the east side of the City of Brooks, in the Province of Alberta. We are proud to be a multicultural school which strives to meet the diverse needs of all children academically, emotionally and socially. At Eastbrook Elementary we are committed to the well being of all children in a loving, caring and safe family environment. Our number one goal is to support every child in his or her endeavour for success.

Mission: We believe every child can succeed through a supportive and nurturing family environment it is the Mission of Eastbrook School to: Motivate students to lead exemplary lives; Expand students' knowledge, experiences, and skills by creating a learning environment that promotes academic excellence; Create a learning community committed to excellence in teaching and learning for all.