Eastbrook Return to School Plan 2021-2022

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Eastbrook Elementary School 

Return to School Family Guide


Return to School Plan

The details outlined below are further explanation of the Grasslands Public Schools: Return to School Plan


❖ At this time, masks are not mandatory for students, staff and visitors in schools, as per Alberta Health Services guidelines. 

❖ All staff and students from Pre-kindergarten to grade 12 must wear a mask while riding on a school bus. Grasslands will continue to follow this directive from the province until further notice. This is being reviewed by the Chief Medical Officer of Health on September 27, 2021. 

❖ Students, staff and visitors may choose to wear masks. This decision will be fully supported and encouraged. Teasing and bullying of a person choosing to wear a mask is not part of a healthy and safe learning environment. If this occurs, we ask that the individual or parent let their teacher, principal or supervisor know immediately. 

❖ Grasslands School Division may make masks mandatory for students, staff and visitors in our schools and facilities for a period of time in the event of an outbreak, high levels of community transmission, or upon direction from Alberta Health Services. This decision may also be on a school by school basis. Students, staff and families will be notified when this is required. 

Hand Hygiene 

❖ Hand hygiene practices will continue in schools and on buses throughout the school year. 

❖ Placement of hand sanitizer in entrances/exits, classroom entrances, high-touch equipment, and other    high traffic areas will continue this year. 

Daily Screening 

❖ Before leaving home, staff, children/students, substitute teachers, visitors, and volunteers who will access the school for work or education, must self-screen for symptoms each day that they enter the school. 

➢ Children Under 18 years of age Daily Screening Questionnaire (See Appendix A) 

➢ Daily Fit for Work Screening Questionnaire (See Appendix B) 

➢ Adults 18 years and older Daily Screening Questionnaire (See Appendix C) 

❖ Anyone that reports symptoms is directed to stay home, seek health care advice as appropriate (e.g., call Health Link 811, or their primary health care practitioner) and fill out the AHS Online Self-Assessment tool to determine if they should be tested. 

❖ Anyone who feels unwell with other symptoms should stay at home until they are well 

❖ Signs will be posted reminding persons not to enter if they have COVID-19 symptoms. 


❖ Students will be placed in class cohorts. 

❖ Cohorting is dependent on the classroom environment, number of students, age and subject. 

Physical Distancing 

❖ There may be occasions when teachers choose to arrange class seating to increase physical distance. This may include the use of rows of desks versus tables or pods. 

❖ Close greetings (e.g. hugs, handshakes) are to be avoided. Regularly remind students about keeping their “hands to yourself” 

❖ School may stagger recess/snack, lunch and class transition times to provide a greater amount of space for everyone. 

❖ At this time, assemblies will be held virtually to avoid large gatherings of people in one space. 

Students Entering and Exiting the School

  • All students will wait outside socially distancing until they are brought in by teachers or supervisors.
  • Parents will not be permitted into the school to drop off or pick up students. 
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed in entrances, exits, classroom entrances, and other high traffic areas. Students and staff are required to perform hand hygiene when entering and exiting the school as well as before entering the classroom.
  • Staff will stagger entry into the school and in the hallways to maintain social distancing as much as possible and minimize interactions between cohorts.

Grade 1 

Northwest Entrance into the portables by the big tree

Grade 2 

North Entrance at the end of the concrete sidewalk opposite the new playground.

Grade 3 

The Front Entrance.

Ms. Stevenson’s grade 3 class will  use the Breezeway.

Grade 4

The Southeast Entrance into the Breezeway by the Yellow and Blue Playground.  

Mrs. Wood’s 4 / 5 split class will use the Breezeway by the Yellow and Blue Playground.

Grade 5 

The Southeast Entrance into the Breezeway by the Yellow and Blue Playground

Mrs. Okell’s class will use the Southwest Entrance on the asphalt pad

Grade 6  

The Southwest Entrance on the asphalt pad


Kindergarten class will use the Northeast Entrance along the sidewalk for the parking lot.


Ms. Thompson’s Pre-Kindergarten class will use the Northeast Entrance along the sidewalk for the parking lot.


  • Proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette will be promoted. Students will sanitize their hands upon entering the classroom.
  • Area rugs and soft furnishings are removed from all student spaces.
  • All student-use microwaves have been removed from classrooms.
  • Students have been asked to bring all of their own, individual school supplies so as to avoid having any community materials in the classroom. 
  • HVAC systems are checked and maintained in accordance with manufacturer operational guidelines. 
  • Open windows when possible and if weather permits. 

❖ Use of shared items or equipment is to be minimized where possible (scissors, markers, pencils, computers, etc.) 

❖ When shared items or equipment can not be cleaned or disinfected, users need to sanitize their hands before and after use. 

Parents, Visitors and Service Providers Entering the School 

❖ Parents, volunteers and non-essential visitors will be limited in the school.

❖ All visitors entering the school will use the Front Doors and complete the self screening tool before they enter the school. 

➢ If a visitor answers YES to any of the questions, the individual must not be admitted into the school. 

❖ All visitors must sign in and sign out at the office. 

❖ Service providers, including delivery drivers and independent contractors must use the self screening tool before they enter the school. 

➢ If a service provider answers YES to any of the questions, they are not permitted in the school. 

Student Transportation 

❖ As per CMO Health Order 34-2021, all students PreK -12 are required to wear a mask while riding the school bus. This order is in effect until September 27, 2021. 

❖ Students should not enter the bus if they have symptoms of COVID-19. 

❖ Students will sanitize their hands when boarding the bus. 

❖ Seating plans will be in place and students will be required to sit in assigned seats. 

❖ Student attendance will be taken. 

❖ Cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, seats and backs, window areas, and rails will occur after each bus run. 

Physical Education/Music/Drama/Dance 

❖ When possible physical education should be done outside. 

❖ Use of shared items, musical wind instruments or sports equipment is discouraged. Equipment that must be shared should be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use, or users should perform hand hygiene before and after each use. 

❖ Singing and playing wind instruments in close proximity to others are higher-risk activities and should be carefully managed by increasing physical distance between students. 

Field Trips and Extracurricular Clubs 

❖ Field trips (off-site activities) must follow all health protocols while on-site and while traveling to and from the location. This includes hand hygiene, masking on buses, bus seating plans, enhanced cleaning, etc. 

❖ Parent permission forms for each activity must be submitted. Permission forms must outline:

➢ Safety procedures/expectations and risks including contracting COVID-19 

❖ Cohorts should be maintained during transportation to and from any external field trip site, as well as at the location of the field trip site. 

❖ Schools are encouraged to plan outdoor field trip activities. 

❖ Field trips must be approved by the principal. 

❖ Extracurricular clubs and programs can occur. Depending on the nature of the club or program, staff will need to consider and implement health protocols such as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, reduced group size, etc. 

Sports and Team Events 

❖ Student athletics/sports are allowed. 

❖ As athletics and sport participation are voluntary, each participant must have a signed parent/guardian permission form prior to participation. 

➢ Permission forms will outline expectations and risks of participation. 

● Attendees should refrain (to the extent possible) from touching their eyes, nose, mouth and face during activities. 

● It is important that sports/activities that involve shared equipment include regular hand hygiene and cleaning of high-touch surfaces. 

● Respiratory etiquette is important to prevent the spread of droplets that may contain the COVID-19 virus. 

● Attendees should proactively and regularly monitor for symptoms. 

● Symptomatic individuals are prohibited from participating. Students need to complete the Daily Screening Checklist before participating. 

Food Services and Nutrition Program

  • Microwaves for student use will not be available.
  • Activities that involve the sharing of food between students or staff should not occur.
  • Eastbrook will continue to provide healthy snacks and lunches to those students who are unable to provide these for themselves. Food will be prepared by adults following guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services.
  • Students are encouraged to provide their own reusable water bottle to be filled at our bottle filling stations.
  • Water fountains will be cleaned regularly throughout the day but will not be cleaned between each student's use. Students will be shown proper use of the fountains. 

Recess and Lunch

  • For recess and lunch recess activities, student cohorts will be staggered to minimize the potential for mixing of cohorts.
  • Each student cohort will be assigned a specific time and location in the school yard for recess.
  • Students will wash or sanitize their hands when leaving for recess and re-entering the school.
  • Areas have been marked outside entrance way doors to help students maintain social distancing.
  • Additional entrance ways are being used to reduce student numbers in certain areas.

Student Supports and Student Services

  • English as a Second Language, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Learning Support Services will continue to be provided to students as required.
  • Adults working with individual students or small groups will take precautions to limit close contact or be fitted with PPE to allow them to provide necessary services.
  • Individual Program Plans, Individual Support Plans, Behaviour Support Plans and regular classroom supports will continue.
  • Students will continue to have access to support services such as academic, behaviour and mental health support through our Student Support Services Model.

Responding to Illness 

❖ Staff members, parents, and children/students should not enter the school if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or do not feel well. 

❖ Child/student develops symptoms while at the school: 

➢ The child/student will wear a non-medical mask if they are able to, and be moved to the infirmary. 

➢ The parent/guardian will be notified to come and pick up the student immediately. 

➢ Schools will have an emergency contact list for each child, in the event parents are unable to pick up your child within one hour. 

❖ If the child/student requires close contact and care, staff can continue to care for the child/student until the parent is able to pick up the child/student. 

➢ The student and staff should wear a mask and close interactions with the student that may result in contact with the student’s respiratory secretions should be avoided. 

❖ The infirmary will be cleaned and disinfected as soon as the child/student has been picked up. 

  •  Schools will maintain records of a student’s known pre-existing conditions. 

Confirmed Case of COVD-19 

❖ At this time, Alberta Health Services will not be notifying schools of positive COVID-19 cases and close contacts will not be notified. 

❖ Staff, students or parents may choose to inform the school administration of a positive COVID-19 test. This information is confidential unless otherwise directed by the individual or parent. 

❖ Individuals are not required to share their COVID-19 test results with school administrators. 

❖ School administrators are not required to contact AHS to report student or staff cases. 

❖ Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test is required to isolate and follow the protocols outlined by Alberta Health Services. (See Appendix D - Management of Symptomatic and Positive COVID-19 Individuals.) 

Reporting & Responding to High Rates of Absenteeism or Outbreaks 

❖ If there is an absence rate of 10% due to illness OR there are an unusual amount of individuals with similar symptoms, school administrators must report to Alberta Health Services or the local public health unit as per their usual outbreak notification process. 

❖ The purpose of this is to continue to monitor for other clusters of respiratory or gastrointestinal illness and alert Alberta Health Services to potential outbreaks. 

❖ Where absenteeism of 10% or greater has been identified, Alberta Health Services may declare an outbreak and recommend additional protection measures, such as masking, to reduce spread for the duration of the outbreak . 

❖ A Medical Officer of Health has the authority to recommend additional measures. The Grasslands School Division will work with health officials to support further measures. 

Student Learning Contingency Plans 

In the event that there is a resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic that impacts the education system, the following two contingencies have been determined by Alberta Education. 

Scenario 1: In-school classes with enhanced health measures 

Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services may mandate enhanced or increased health measures which the Grasslands School Division would be required to follow. We will continue to rely on guidance from the Alberta Government, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, and local public health officials regarding provincial and regional health measures based on local context. We will continue to work closely with Alberta Health and we will adjust recommendations when advised to do so by Alberta Health. 

Scenario 2: At-home learning (in-school classes are cancelled) 

Grasslands will offer at-home learning opportunities to children and students based on the provincial or regional context. 

● Teachers continue to be responsible for assessing the progress of children and students. 

● Students continue to be responsible to actively engage in learning and diligently pursue their education. 

● School authorities, parents/guardians, children and students must continue to follow public health measures in place. 

Under Contingency Scenario 2, school authorities can, as deemed appropriate at the local level, for Grades 1 to 9 reduce time spent teaching non-core subjects to allow for additional instruction time on core (English, Français, French Language Arts, Math, Social, and Science). 



Appendix A 

Appendix B 

Appendix C 

Appendix D