Updated COVID 19 Protocols (September 17)

event Published 2021-09-17T13:32:15.992Z

Updated COVID 19 Protocols (September 17)

Dear Parents, Guardians and Eastbrook Elementary School Families

With recent government changes to its approach to dealing with the COVID pandemic, Grasslands Public School and Eastbrook Elementary School is changing its protocols to align with rules set out by the government. We expect that these changes will help to reduce the potential for students to become ill and/or be exposed to COVID19.

Masks Required - Grades 4-6

For most students and families, there is going to be little impact on students for most of the time they are at school. The biggest change is to our grade 4-6 students. These students will be required to wear a non-medical mask while they are walking in the hallways and in any common or shared spaces such as the Gathering Space. While in classrooms and seated in their desks, students will not have to wear masks. For most students, masks will only be required for 10-20 minutes per day.

For students in Grades 4-6, we ask that parents send masks to school with their children. The school will not be providing reusable masks to students. We can make disposable masks available to students however we need to minimize the use of these masks.

Sending Students to School

It is vital that parents do not send their children to school if they are ill. At the school, we are closely following the Alberta Health Services rules and protocols for students that exhibit symptoms relating to COVID or general illness. The Grasslands Student Daily Screening Tool is available by following this link or searching online on the Grasslands Website. You will need to scroll through the document to Appendix A.

Students with symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, congestion, nausea, vomiting, and generally feeling unwell are considered sick and need to stay at home for a minimum of 24 hours after the arrival of symptoms. Students need to stay home until they are feeling well and symptoms have improved considerably. 

At the school, we will respond in the best way possible to keep COVID19 and ANY ILLNESS out of our school. 

Please do not send sick children to school.

The school is sending a copy of this message to all the email addresses we have in our system. We will attach the screening tool to this email.


Laurel Beaton (Vice Principal)

Tim Rodgers (Principal)